Stay safe on Meta

Express yourself, build a community and engage with fans safely.

3 ways to help you stay safe on Facebook and on Instagram

Meta invests heavily in protecting your experience across our platforms to help you stay safe. Below are some of the best tools and ways you can control your experience on our platforms.

1. Protect against spam, bullying and harassment

To supplement our policies and proactive detections that are in place, we're also focused on empowering you with comment moderation tools and controls to help you effectively manage the conversation on your content. Understand what some of these tools are and start implementing them to better protect against spam, bullying and harassment.

2. Secure your account

Strengthen the security of your account so no one has access who shouldn’t.

3. Check out additional resources

Safety tips to help your Facebook community thrive

Learn more about the policies, resources, and specific tools available around improving account security and combating impersonation, bullying and harassment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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