Facebook Groups

Connect with people around similar interests.

See Requirements

Any individual or Page can create a Group.

In order to officially link a Group to your Page:

You must be an admin of your Page.

You or your Page must be an admin of the Group.

Your Page cannot have an age restriction.

You can officially link up to 200 Groups to your Page.

Insights are available for Groups with 250+ members, for which you or your Page are an admin.

Groups help create connections and build a deeper sense of community. Consider creating your own Group as a dedicated space for your community to flourish.

Be part of the conversation

Groups are an incubator for ideas and feedback through authentic conversations and connection.

Gain group insights

As an admin, you have access to valuable insights about your fans and can learn more about how they interact with one another.

Share authentically

Build your personal brand and give others a dedicated space for your content.

Explore ways to grow with Facebook Groups.

See more resources designed to help you grow your community.

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