Grow your audience and your earning possibilities by posting to both Facebook and Instagram.

By using Facebook and Instagram together, you can reach even more people looking to you for inspiration. Crossposting enables you to engage unique communities across the two apps and gives you access to monetization tools across both platforms to help maximize your earning potential.

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Amplify your content easily

Crossposting makes it simple to create, distribute and promote your reels, posts, and stories. Share with audiences across both Facebook and Instagram in just one seamless step.

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Increase your reach

Since Facebook and Instagram can have different audiences, crossposting allows you to increase awareness of your brand and content and find new followers seamlessly.

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More ways to monetize

If your account is eligible, with crossposting, you may be able to take advantage of monetization programs available across both platforms.

How to get started with crossposting

There are a number of beneficial reasons to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts, from driving cross-platform engagement to unlocking access to new tools.

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