Facebook Pages and professional mode for profiles

Build a presence and expand your community.

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While both Pages and professional mode offer many of the same features, there are some differences. Here’s a quick look into what each offers:

Product Comparison
Professional Mode on ProfilesNew Pages Experience
Connection TypesFriends & FollowersFollowers only
Feed ExperienceSame feed as your personal profileSeparate feed from personal profile
In-app Production Tools (e.g., Reels, Live Video, Composer)✔️✔️
Ways to grow your audience and get discovered (e.g., in-feed recommendations) ✔️✔️
Safety & Wellbeing Features (e.g., Moderation Assist)✔️✔️
Monetization Opportunities (e.g., Stars, Subscriptions, Ads)✔️✔️
Professional Dashboard (e.g., content, profile insights, and professional tools)✔️✔️
Boost Posts✔️✔️
Ads Manager Access✖️✔️
Admin Roles✖️✔️
Meta Business Suite✖️✔️

Some features and tools are subject to eligibility.

Creators on both profiles and Pages can access professional tools to grow a public audience, and monetization programs to earn money for eligible content. Turn on professional mode on your profile or create a separate Facebook Page to unlock tools and programs that can help you grow as a creator.

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Build a global audience

Get discovered by new people and build a global community of fans.

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Access professional tools

Use tools that help you understand your audience, tailor your content, and manage your presence.

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Earn money through monetization programs

Unlock Stars, Ads on Facebook Reels, Subscriptions and more (if eligible).

Get started now

If you would like to build a public presence to represent your personal brand using your Facebook profile where you connect with friends and family, professional mode is the way to go. If you would like to create a public presence for a business, product or for yourself that’s separate from your personal profile, we suggest you create a Page.

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Get support

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of creators on Meta platforms. If you are experiencing an issue, there are a number of ways to get support.

• Search for a solution in the Facebook Help Center.
• Report unwanted interactions or behaviors on Facebook.

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