Amplify your earnings as a creator with the Performance bonus program.

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Program Requirements


The Performance bonus program is available by invitation only for a select group of creators.

To qualify for an invitation, your Page and content must comply with our Partner Monetization Policies.

To increase the chances of receiving an invitation, focus on reaching as many people as possible with your content and growing interaction on that content.

Supplement your income

The Performance bonus program can help you earn by making engaging content.

Earn on your terms

From creating videos, to photos, text posts and more, there are many ways to get paid in the Performance bonus program.

Track your performance and embrace best practices

Track your earnings and the performance of your content via insights. Learn more about how to set yourself up for success by following best practices.

What are Bonuses?

We want to make it easy for Creators to make money by expressing their creativity and doing what they love. Join a Bonus program and earn money based on performance, earnings or content challenges that reward you when you reach key milestones and achievements. You can even sign up for multiple bonus programs and maximize your payouts if you meet the relevant requirements.

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