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Reels is available in more than 150 countries across the globe on iOS and Android. In order to upload reels, the following technical specifications and content requirements must be met:

Technical requirements

Device specific format specifications for reels are listed below for Apple (iOS) and Google (Android):

Reels length can be between :03-:90 seconds. Additionally, on Instagram standalone videos uploaded through the app and under 15 minutes long will be shared as reels.

.mp4 format

Minimum 1080P, and 4K if available (note: video will be capped at 720p after upload)

Upload aspect ratio: 9:16 (iOS) and screen aspect ratio of your device (Android)

Content requirements

Reels content must comply with:

Meta’s Data Policy

Community Standards and Community Guidelines from Facebook and from Instagram

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How to create engaging reels

This video course will show you how to make reels for your personal or professional brand that entertain people and help you get discovered.

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