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Manage your content across Facebook and Instagram from one place.

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Meta Business Suite in Creator Studio

Accessing Tabs in Meta Business Suite
Your role in your accounts will determine what you can access, see and do in Mets Business Suite. Some features that may or may not be visible to you:

Monetization tab
You’ll only see some features specific to in-stream ads, Subscriptions and Brand Collabs Manager if you’re an admin of accounts already using those tools. (If you’re not already using those tools, you can still check your monetization eligibility status and onboard eligible accounts.)

Rights Manager tab
Rights Manager features will only be visible if you’re already approved for Rights Manager. If you’re not, you’ll see an option to apply.

Instagram in Creator Studio

You need to have one of the following types of Instagram accounts to access Instagram in Creator Studio:

Your Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook Page you manage. (Learn how to connect your account, if needed.)

Meta Business Suite simplifies the process of building and managing your presence on Facebook and Instagram. It’s where you can post, track performance, monetize content and interact with fans.

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Streamline publishing

Post videos, bulk upload your content library and unlock creative tools.

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Track performance

Detailed insights help you better understand your audience and optimize your content.

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Manage monetization

Start monetizing your content and learn how to stay compliant with policies.

Access all your tools in one place.

Meta Business Suite for desktop allows you to publish, schedule and manage all your content from on Facebook and Instagram. You can also manage your accounts on the go with the Meta Business Suite app.

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