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September 29, 2021

February 22, 2022: Facebook Reels is now available in more than 150 countries around the world.

We’re launching Reels on Facebook for iOS and Android!

Here’s more info on this exciting new format, what you can create with it and how you can potentially earn money.

What are Reels on Facebook?

Reels are fun and inspiring short videos consisting of music, audio, AR effects, text overlays and more, and you can now create them on the Facebook app on your mobile device! Your Reels are shared directly to your fans in their core News Feed and to new audiences in a dedicated Reels section in News Feed that gives people who are new to you the opportunity to discover and enjoy your creations.

With Reels, you can:

Get Creative

Start creating Reels on your mobile device at the top of Feed or by selecting “Create” from the dedicated Reels section in News Feed. You can either record a clip (or a series of clips) in real time or upload an existing (or series of existing) pre-recorded video from your phone’s gallery, or you can use a combination of real-time and pre-recorded clips.

Before sharing a Reel, you can edit and trim clips to your desired length, or add effects, stickers and text. You’ll have access to a variety of creative editing tools, including:

Audio: Add a song from the Facebook music library, or use your own original audio. Your original audio is attributed to you and can be used by the Facebook community to create their Reels.

Speed: Speed up or slow down a part of your video or audio while you record.

Effects: Select one of the many effects to record multiple clips with different effects.

Timer: Record a clip hands-free using the timer.

Reach New Audiences

With Reels, you can share creations with your friends and followers–and have the opportunity to be discovered by the larger Facebook community.

Sharing Your Reel: Once your Reel is ready to share, you can add a description and hashtags, and tag your friends.

Select a default audience: You can also set the audience for your Reel, which will determine who can see it once it’s shared. By default, Reels are set to Public for creators who are over 18. You can select a new Reels default audience or change the audience on a Reel-by-Reel basis at any time.

Reach your followers and new audiences: Reels can help you grow your community by making your content discoverable to the wider Facebook community. Your Reel will appear in News Feed for your followers, as well as the dedicated Reels section in News Feed for people not following you to discover.

Recommend your Instagram Reels on Facebook: If you are already creating Reels on Instagram, you can allow Facebook to recommend your Instagram Reels to new audiences on Facebook–this may help you reach more people.

Stand Out

Here are some tips to help you stand out from the crowd, which can help your Reels get discovered by more people.

Make your Reels relatable: Think of something people can relate to, and add your take. Stay tuned to the latest trends, challenges and songs, and recreate these concepts with your own personal touch.

Engage your audiences: Whether it’s fixing cars, cooking or dancing, create Reels that show off the skills that make you unique. Experiment with different types of content, like tutorials or comedy, and see what resonates most with your audience. You'll want to keep your audience engaged, and ensure that your content is entertaining. Bring your Reels to life with cool effects, music and text.

Tell a story: Be sure you’re telling a story from beginning to end. Try adding a surprise or twist to keep the viewer intrigued. Create a script for your Reel before you record. Write down what each clip should look like and what the music will be for that moment.

Inspire others: Encourage others to join the fun by creating their own Reel with a simple challenge, a cultural moment or a relatable everyday motion of life.

Earn Money

In July, we announced that we are investing over $1 billion in creators across Facebook and Instagram through 2022. Starting today, we are offering Reels Play – new bonus programs on Facebook and Instagram that allow you to earn money for the Reels you share.

Reels Play on Facebook will pay a bonus to eligible Facebook creators whose Reels get at least 1000 views over a 30-day period on Facebook. Reels from creators in the invite-only program must meet our content monetization policies and the content must be owned by the creator in order to count towards the bonus.

The Reels Play on Facebook bonus program is currently invite-only. Creators who are invited will be notified in the Facebook App and in Creator Studio and can sign up to learn more here.

The Reels Play on Instagram will pay eligible Instagram creators for Reels views on Instagram and Facebook. Creators who are eligible to participate in the Instagram Reels Play bonus will be alerted directly in their Professional Dashboard in the Instagram app.

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