A creator’s guide to growth: how to get your content seen on Facebook

September 20, 2022

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We’re launching a new three-part series to help you better understand the fundamentals of getting your content seen on Facebook. In this series we will cover distribution, our content best practices and our integrity system. By understanding these three basics, you may grow your presence, reach your community and meaningfully engage with your fans on Facebook. In this first installment, we’ll discuss distribution–what it is and how content gets seen.

What do you need to get started?

All you need to be a creator is a Facebook account. On Facebook, it is important to make sure you’re using our most up-to-date Creator tools. If you are creating from a Page, make sure you’re on the New Page Experience. If you create content on a Profile, you can transition to Professional Mode (only available in US, Canada, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, and Indonesia). Both these experiences will give you the tools, insights and tips you need to help grow as a Creator and continue to get updated with additional features over time.

What is distribution and how to get your content seen on Facebook?

As a creator, it is important to understand the process of getting your content seen. In its simplest form, distribution is the Facebook process of matching users with content they find engaging, entertaining and informative.

At Facebook, we do this by asking four questions:


What content has been posted? What posts are available from friends, other creators and Pages that we can show?


Who might like this content? We consider a multitude of signals such as who posted the content, when it was posted, what was the topic and past user behavior, among others.


How likely are people to engage with the post? We try to predict how likely a given person is to engage with your post and find it meaningful. We make a variety of these predictions for each piece of content.


How interested will the audience be in this post? Based on all of the data we have gathered on the post, which pieces of content should get priority?

We follow these four steps for every piece of content, for each person, every time they open Facebook.

There are two ways your content can be seen on Facebook:

Connected Distribution: Your posts are seen by those who follow you on Facebook. This is your core audience on the platform.

Unconnected Distribution: Your posts are seen by those who don’t follow you, but may be interested in your content. This type of distribution can come through other users sharing and resharing your posts or from our recommendations in our “Suggested for You” sections.

Facebook initially started as a way to connect exclusively with your friends and family – connected distribution. Now, we enable you to reach a much wider audience to help you grow beyond the sphere of those you know directly – unconnected distribution. To fully take advantage of unconnected distribution, try optimizing your content in three specific ways:


Make Original Content: Creators receive the greatest distribution when they primarily post content that is filmed or created by them. Original content contains your unique voice and demonstrates the unique perspective you bring to Facebook. Original content is distinctive, engaging, and is what our users prefer.


Optimize for shares: Make content that other users want to share. This kind of content can spark meaningful dialogue, respectful discussion and attracts more likes and reactions.


Get Recommended: Make sure your content complies with our integrity rules and guidelines for recommended content. These guidelines outline what we will and won’t recommend.

Many creators focus on growing their following on Facebook. True growth, however, comes when you reach your following and maximize your ability to get reshared and find fans you didn’t even know existed.

To recap:

When in doubt, start with Reels. Reels are a great way to reach new fans.

Create content authentic to yourself that engages your fans. Original, engaging and meaningful content can help you to reach new fans and grow your audience.

Measure your results frequently to see what is working and where you can improve.

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