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February 29, 2024

More creators on Facebook can now monetize more formats than ever before. Learn how the Performance Bonus can help you earn from the content your audience loves. Today we’re sharing several updates on our Performance bonus program which pays eligible creators on Facebook for creating engaging photo, text and video posts.

No more monthly limits

We’re removing restrictions which limited how much eligible creators could earn from the Performance bonus each month. Now the sky’s the limit - creators can earn unlimited monthly payouts. By mid-March this will be rolled out to most creators in the program.

On Facebook you’re not restricted to entertaining your audience in one way. You can creatively express yourself with photos, text, long-form video, Live or Reels. Likewise, our content monetization programs – Ads on Reels, In-Stream Ads and the Performance bonus – now span each of these formats, supporting you however you publicly engage with your audiences.

Performance Screenshot

Expanding to More Creators in More Countries

We’re also opening up the Performance bonus to more creators. While the program remains invite-only, we’re expanding the bonus to additional regions, including Asia for the first time.

Select creators in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia may now be eligible for an invite, joining the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, India and Mexico. And stay tuned for more countries coming soon.

To help more creators earn from more types of formats, we’re also inviting In-Stream Ads creators to both our Performance bonus Program and Ads on Reels, expanding their monetization opportunities.

Watch for invitations within the Facebook app, Meta Business Suite or Professional Dashboard and join the program via the Monetization Tools sections of these channels.

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Ongoing transition to performance-based payouts

We continue to transition our video payout programs from ad-based to performance-based so that we can better reward high quality content on Facebook. We’ve completed that transition for Ads on Reels, and are continuing to transition more creators to the new model for In-Stream Ads.

Over the coming weeks and months, more In-stream ads creators will receive notifications that they are transitioning to the performance-based payout model. We’re also introducing new metrics in In-Stream Ads Insights to help creators understand how to succeed under the new payout model. The new metrics will be shown first to select creators using Meta Business Suite on desktop and will continue to be rolled out to more creators and surfaces over time.

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