Connect more deeply with your audience using broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger

June 25, 2024

Broadcast channels are a public one-to-many messaging tool for creators to send content directly to followers in a chat format. This tool allows you to engage more deeply with your most loyal followers in an authentic space.

We’re excited to share broadcast channels are now available globally for eligible Pages with more than 10,000 followers. In the coming months, we’ll also be rolling out broadcast channels for professional mode creators with more than 10,000 followers.

Broadcast channels have given content creators, like Christian Antolin, the opportunity to connect more authentically and personally with his audience. We had the chance to speak with him about his experience using channels here:

Recent features:

Share channel messages from Instagram to Facebook: This feature will enable you to automatically share updates from your Instagram channel to your Facebook channel, saving you time and effort previously spent on repetitive tasks and extending your reach.

Early access to channel content: This feature will allow you to share Facebook posts to channel members before anyone else as an exclusive perk for channel members or to collect early feedback on content.

Share to Stories: Creators and members can share channel content via Facebook stories to reach even more people.

Best practices


Welcome and set the purpose of your channel - Start your channel with a welcome message that communicates the purpose and sets expectations for your audience. The first message acts as the invitation for your followers to join the channel.


Promote your channel - Share your channel on Stories, Feed, or with your channel link. Be sure to pin the channel to the Featured section at the top of your Page so you and your followers can find it easily.


Keep a conversational tone - This is a space with your most loyal fans who want to hear from you the most. It's just like a chat so keep your voice casual and authentic.


Use a variety of formats to engage your audience - Mix it up. This is a multiformat, lightweight way to connect with your followers. Have fun with all the tools from voice notes, polls, text, photos, videos and links to express yourself.


Connect over shared interests - Channels can help you build closer interest-based communities that provide fans with the in-depth, topical content they crave (fitness, gaming, upcoming events, etc.). Keep your channel relevant and focused so your audience knows what to expect.

Privacy & Safety

To help people feel safe and welcome, broadcast channels are subject to Facebook's Community Standards. People can report both the broadcast channel itself or specific content shared in the channel, which can be removed if it goes against Meta policies.

Broadcast channels are designed for public and discoverable messaging experiences, so they are treated differently from private chats on Messenger. We have tools and reviewers to help us identify, review or remove content in broadcast channels that may violate our Community Standards – often before anyone sees it. To learn more about the differences between channels and private conversations on Facebook and Messenger, check out our Help Center.

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